Thursday, October 28, 2010


Some close to me ask, " Syreeta why do you want to blog? Do you want everyone in your business?" I say its not about everybody else its about me in this journery of life. I have been through so many things in life that many people would not even understand or know why I keep a smile on my face.  This blog will give me a place to vent and "let down my hair" as they say. Its is a surprise to me to want write when I was once told by a professor that I couldn't and need to quit school to be a hairdress. What she doesnt know is I not only did I finish undergrad I even completed graduate school.  Now as I get to know myself better i realize i have a lot to say and I want so much more for my life. I am making steps towards my future even if i dont know what it holds. This week I joined a gym and this blog will keep recor of this journery as well. I will do this time I see and feel it in my heart.
So anyway back to why, because I am tired of holding back my feelings and express myself without filter. I want to do this regardless if anyone ever read these post. I am a believer  and I am happy have struggles like any other person. Now a days I have found myself wondering why I had not learn let go about life and let God guide me through sooner than I did.
Now dont get me wrong I still struggle with things of a life of single woman in her thrities instead of complaining or worrying I have learned to give it all to God and He will work it out.
Why because I can and will be a blogger. This is the life God gave me and I want to share it. Most of or all of my life I have done things to pleae others this blog will be a place for me to release whatever on my mind and there me be time that other may not agree it has to be said I am who I am because God made this way and He is working on me daily and I know that I am a Masterpiece.
At first I thought I will have a tough time with this but now I see I am able to this. I am truly thankful to God who is the only one who can make the impossible possible.