Monday, June 20, 2011

It hurts now that its real...I will let go and Let God because he knows best

Last night my boyfriend release me from my duties of being his girlfriend. How I handle this matter was mature as woman. No voices were raised and we talked it over as adults. Its funny to me how something so heart breaking can make me stronger. God has been preparing my heart for this for some weeks. Sometimes things happen beyond my control and I know that I surrendered my life to Christ a long time ago and I will continue to seek God first.  Because regards of how I feel about my boyfriend I will be single, I will remain Syreeta and continue to push forward. I will hold on to what God has promised me and how I know what know comes from God. Tears may flow questions my raise the fact will remain the same I am Syreeta a woman with head on shoulders a woman of God with intelligence to understands  that I deserve better  and will have better. I am a good woman and a there is a hope and I have Faith stronger than a mustard seed that lets me know that this single life is temporary. The man that God is sending my way is near and I will continue to remain focus on me. God knows my true heart and how I feel about the man who sat me down last night and He also knows I am His child and I know am worth more than Gold... So today I will not talk about what has happen yesterday instead i will move forward to what God has plan and for now it for me to single in this world. Even if that's not what I want I will be patience and let go, let God.

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