Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lots of things happening all at once

A lot has happen since blog in December. I have all of sudden been having medical issues. Its a long story but I had to move. Now I am some one's girlfriend this too has a long story. And today I just want to get back into the swing writing on a blog and express myself and vent about my day. So here I go......

This morning I had a interesting debate over what I should wear to my cousin's wedding. It was between a blue white black dress and a fire red dress. My loving boyfriend said I might be called a cup of red Kool aid. so I post on facebook that I didn't know what to wear and posted the pictures and got the reviews. It was nice to see the response I got. Now as for me I was confused because I like both dresses.

By noon I narrowed it down with my sister on the phone in San Diego. She has a way to get me to make a choice when I have been struggling with sometimes. Not because I cant its because i really don't like doing things wrong, now I am learning to take the bitter with the sweet as they say. i really having deal with things a woman strong independent with God in the center of it all. Peeps I serious have things happen that never thought would happen some good and some bad.

The good what i focus on the most because focusing on negative usually produces negative. So because of God and the positive thinking I have seen my dreams come true. I got a promotion in March and became the Mental Health Coordinator ( management position in Early education) Its a dream job for me I actually helping children and families more than before. I am still excited and its been two months since I started.

Another Good thing is my new man in my life I truly believe God has sent to me to Love me and to remain me of the reality whats going on. One of my friend's referred to us as peanut butter and jelly. when i asked her why she thought we just fit. I too believe we balance each other out I keep reflecting over the last three months we have been together I learned a lot about myself as woman. God has a funny way of placing people who Love you for who you are and tell you the truth and that my Maurice.

Well if you want to know I chose to wear the black, blue and white dress. And sure enough with not wearing the dress today I received a message about not choosing the red dress because I would look like the Kool aid man. Well I guess they will be call me Diva Kool aid soon because the next time I go out with my girls I will be having the red dress on. Plus the wedding was beautiful. I am so happy for my cousins.

All this being said my Faith is made strong from life's battles and I know God makes the impossible possible. I know more than ever now that my God truly loves me and has purpose for me to be here and God spared my life in January and numerous other times this year. Therefore I know He will not let me go and for that I am truly grateful.

I am exhausted . Praying soon I will have my own personal computer then I will blog more.

Sweet dreams

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