Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cleansing Stream Retreat

After the confussion comes clarity and after clarity comes the want to do more. Well those who have been around me or know me knows that I have not been the same after my divorce well I am here to say I will never be ther same I am now a stronger and smarter Syreeta. Now that doesnt mean I dont make mistakes and I do, it also doesnt mean I dont hurt people. It has been my intent in life to be set free and to know my true vlaue in life. I mean I have been through a lot of retreats and have many people speak over my life telling I worth more than rubies, I have even read it but last night when the glory of the Lord Holy spoke over is the only clear time that I realized that I am truly a woman who is who more than God. I am worth to get my hearts desires and more. So as day to starts I am open to release all ready to step the next level with my God. 
Have many blessings

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