Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lifted Veil and pulling layers off

This blog is a interesting I am not sure how I feel right a part me is mad and the other part is rejoicing  for what is to come. Well I this blog will be short it is sweet like me. Here I go straight to the point I have come to the understand that God has lifted a veil and He is pulling back layers of things I could not see before that I see now. I see things in a wider focus than I did before. Right now I know more than ever that the God I serve knows best for me. I will rely on him for answers to all life's questions, forget asking people. Most of the time they have motive behind it or haven't prayed about themselves. Well as I get bed I pray that tomorrow is a better day than today. I am pressing forward towards a goal that God created for me. Be blessed and know He is with me and I know now more than ever He is listen to my prayers. I read a list today that I wrote seven years ago and He showed me that I have to trust Him to get wants on that paper. Well lets just say I am stepping out on Faith believing and claiming I have the Victory ( I can grab its so close.) In Jesus Name Amen

Ready or not her I come .... the clear focus Rita Rita Watch out

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