Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This Blog is written to my Lord my Savior:
Dear Lord,
Father God help me to have dicrenment on the choices I make. Father help to understand the I am a woman of God and you have created me.  Father God help me to understand that I am a child of God who can move mountains. In the world there can be many distractions from what you have planned fro my life. Father please forgive me for any sins I have done presently and in past. Father God I want for my life what you want for my life. Father God pleae remove the any generation sins on my life. Father God only through you I will be able to break from the pain and struggle the women in my family have struggle with some all their lifes. Father God help me to get closer to your word and here lately I have falling short to having my quiet time. Father God I want to have your desires for my life. As I listen to your worship music the song says surround me oh Lord. Father surround me with your Holy Spirit and Father protect me from this fight /battle against me. I Love you Father I will continue to strive towards the journey you have for me.
In Jesus Mighty Name

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