Thursday, November 18, 2010

Waiting - " What Am I waiting for ?"

Is a question I get asked at least four times a week, when people find out I don't have children and my age.
 I simple reply with "I will do it alone." My Plan and God's plan are the same I think in this way I think it takes a man and a woman to raise a child. Some people would argue with me about it but seriously I am a product of a single parent home and I since my mother struggle plus try to manage to find a mate with three girls. I experience the "looking for love in all the wrong places." I decided a long time ago I want to rise a child with a mother and father in the same house.

Then I get the question then why are you waiting so long to find a man to make babies.
I say its not me who is control of when I have children it is God the father who is in control. I am trying to make a point to please him in all I do. When He wants me to be in a relationship  and be a mother  is his say not mine. Because it was my say I would be a mom along time ago.

I do find myself getting closer to what God wants me to have. I will keep praying that I will have a clear understand and know it is Real man God intend for me to have for life and we later make LOVE babies (3-4). To answer the question what am I waiting for well I waiting to mature into the Virtuous woman God is molding me to be and a that man (mmm ) who is ready to step out on Faith and handle all the goodness Syreeta has to offer. Trust God for all things. Well these are things I am waiting for and only God knows how long. 
What are the chances of me finding a man who can and wants to be me ? I will say they are very high since I have learned and know what I deserve in this life and hey I may already know him who knows :-) . Time will tell.

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