Monday, November 15, 2010

What a girl wants well how about What a Woman wants

I was on my way to bed an realize I have to vent so here it goes. I want things in this life that some would say is impossible but for me as believer I will not allow myself to believe its impossible. So tonight I am listing the things Syreeta wants in this life time call it a bucket list or dream list or goals. Here I go;
1. Grow spiritually each everyday
2. I want to have real Love from a man- have had my share of pretenders for more than one woman's life time. ( For details contact me ) It might be a future blog topic
3. I want to be blessed with children ( yes i know I am getting older but hey I can do it) I am not to old to have three babies by the time I'm 40. ( Wow)
4. I want to get paid and enjoy what I am doing, get paid double what I make now before I am 35
5. I really want to be debt free and leave money my children and the their children
6. I want to be a healthy weight that a Dr. will not complain about but I don't look sick. ( Since I join a gym last month that's not far off.)
7. I want to write a autobiography ( I think people would buy it)
8. I would like to own more property ( by 42)
9. I would love to visit Down Under and enjoy Sydney
10. I want to go on Alaska cruise with my family ( my husband and kids :) )
11. I want to marry a man and we grow old together like in the notebook, he wheel me around the old folks home.
12. Missionary work I want help God's children and families share the gospel
13.I want to ride in a hot air balloon with a special person and enjoy it
14. I want to go to Napa Valley  wine tasting
15. I want to cuddle and do nothing all day and not have to think about the time.
16. I want to be described as the woman you read about in Proverbs 31 ( Life time goal)
17. I want to respect and love my future mate no matter what and stop and listen rather than talk. ( cause it he might be right and even if he is not I will make it seem like he is :-) )
18. I want to read a book month< maybe start a book club.
19. I want to see and experience more of North America and beyond
20. I want to be happy with just being quiet listening and watching the wonders of God's world ( Nature)

OK that's twenty of what Syreeta wants I am sure there is more to come. Please note they not in any order its all what has spilled out of me at this time. I Love the Lord and I will Praise Him for the rest of my days. I know I will have days sorrow what I do know that He has the power to pick me up and dust me off and bring me back to who He feels Syreeta is and I will continue to claim him and be his child. No weapon form against shall prosper. Therefore I know all these things in the above list will come true as I continue to trust the Lord in all areas of my life. I receive and claim it, In Jesus Name Amen.
 If you stand in agreement with me comment on this Blog.

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