Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Eyes

My Eyes are often reference as beautiful. If you only knew what is hidden behind these eyes. The happy times, studying time, the painful time. My eyes are usually the first thing people notice after my smile. It has been interest that people ( men) say oh you have the most beautiful eyes, hmm when their the ones who have bought these eyes to tears the most. Even right now I have tears in my eyes from the pain I am felt from guys and it leaves me to wonder why do they make me cry so much. My girlfriend would say its me allowing them to have control over me. Here is the true reason I cry because it is my heart in my eyes and I am a giver I open my heart to all. It is a sentative part of me but is also part of me. I have learned so much from what I have seen through these eyes of mine. Some of things I saw I wish I could see anymore and some things I will cherish for the rest of my life.  My eyes just want to know when will my eyes see and feel love again. My eyes are expriencing a pain way to many times for then to be so beautiful. Please note my eyes have experienced the emotional pain not having  biological father around majority of my life and then to have a step father who loves you but come and goes as he pleases. My eyes I have seen the pain my mother was experienced. My eyes have seen boys, guys, men take advantge of  me even in the most delicate times of life. My eyes have had joy of meeting someone who makes you feel speical then once he not interested or achieve his quest he moves on. My Eyes now they deserve better so they continue to search for the man who can handle and bring joy to a heart that has been broken. A wise man told me once that I must toughen my skin. My eyes are getting a everyday process of getting through daily. Well I have to say the most wonderful thing about MyEyes are they have seen the Word of God and experience the peace in which the Lord brings over MyEyes. The Word brings strenth and support and most of all Love to MyEyes. So all emotional and lack there of that My Eyes have seen it is only the Word of God that bring my security to know that My Eyes will see the man who will Love me no matter what and who will Love me more as much as I Love him. The questions I have ask myself is have My Eyes truly met his eyes yet? My true Father knows the answer I'm praying My eyes are clear to what God wants not what Syreeta wants.

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