Monday, November 22, 2010

Me Day and Changes

Today is Me Day for now on on Mondays will be Me day. Its time for myself and focus on me day. I want to get it started before I have a family then when I might change the day but I will now have a day week for me. I deserve it and I need it. Just thinking of the possibilities of wanting to make myself feel good and do things for myself seem so strange but think about when you have time to have date with yourself and relax or just do nothing. I have ideas for my me day today I am going to do. Today I want my nails done and a new comforter set but I think it will be nails. I like having my nails done and I honestly don't like going to stores are this time of year. And I will find some good Ice cream watch a movie from Redbox. Oh Well I will do whatever I want after work.

God is changing me into a new woman. I am so happy and I am praying that day. Anyway I am able to see that I capable and able to do more that I can image. Thanks to God and his mighty hand He has over my life. I have complete joy in knowing my dreams will come true and I am who He says I am. Strong Beautiful and Smart woman of God.
So me day is for me to strengthen and build upon what God is doing in my life and prepare for the life he has promise me. ( Plus my future husband will want to watch Monday night football in peace in quiet.) :-D. Well that's all for now. Peace Love and Me time yes.

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